CORPS de Ballet International

Standing Committees 2023-2024

President’s Council

Chair: Jessica Zeller

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Conference Planning

Chair: Jessica Zeller

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Planning & Development

Chair: David Curwen

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Support and Mentoring

Chair: Karen Dearborn and Ilana Goldman

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Bylaws & Constitution

Chair: Jennifer Weber

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Nominations & Elections

Chair: Lara Petrin

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Membership & Outreach

Chair: Tom Vacanti

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Committee Chair Responsibilities

1. MEMBERSHIP ROSTER MAINTENANCE: The committee chair will maintain an updated roster of committee members, working with the Treasurer to ensure up-to-date membership status of all committee members.

2. COMMITTEE CHARGES: Committee charges are delivered by the President. The committee chair will share charges with the committee and work collaboratively with the committee to make progress on charges.

3. COMMUNICATION: Committee chairs will maintain clear and effective communication with the President and the committee, including timely response to emails.

4. REPORTS: Committee chairs are responsible for submitting two written reports annually. Reports should be drafted and circulated to the committee for approval prior to submission. Committee chairs will also be asked to provide a short verbal report at each annual conference.