Meet and Connect with Like-Minded Professionals!

CORPS de Ballet International members work in a variety of professions and across various types of institutions – ranging from higher education to professional companies to private schools and beyond. At the heart of the CORPS de Ballet mission is a commitment to engagement and empowerment through the exchange of information and materials at the annual conference. Everything we do is driven by and in service to our vibrant and diverse membership. When you join CORPS de Ballet, you expand your professional network and gain access to research, resources, and advocacy

Member Benefits

Membership benefits include:

  • Discounted registration fee for annual conferences
  • Access to member-posted employment opportunities
  • Eligibility for various organizational awards
  • Communication support for those seeking costumes, sets, music, guest teachers, or other needs
  • Networking with members for professional opportunities, advice, and mentoring
  • Access to member-run Facebook group
  • Annual newsletter highlighting member accomplishments
  • Professional support for higher education faculty, including:
    • A list of seasoned ballet-focused higher education faculty members qualified to serve as external reviewers for retention, promotion, and tenure (updated annually and available to active members on request through the Support & Mentoring Committee)
    • Peer reviews of choreographic work by seasoned higher education faculty members (available on request through the Support & Mentoring Committee)

Awards and Scholarships