Criteria & Process

The criteria for the CORPS de Ballet International’s Lifetime Achievement Award candidates is as follows:

Candidates must have furthered the growth of ballet in higher education and/or made valuable contributions to ballet departments, through administration, teaching, choreography, mentoring or research. Candidates must have worked for or with an academic institution for at least five years.

Candidates must have a prior or current relationship (choreographer, teacher, dancer, writer, historian etc.) with the professional world of ballet.

The process for Award recipient selection is as follows:

  • The body of the CORPS (all members) shall submit nominees to the awards committee, via email, by September 30 of the year prior to the year the award will be given. Nominees should be sent to an awards committee member.
  • With the name of the nominee, included a brief (one to two sentences) reason why you are nominating the particular candidate.
  • The awards committee will then narrow the field of candidates to five and send the selection to the board of directors.
  • The board of directors shall vote choosing the top three candidates and then submit the final three to the membership.
  • The membership, via email, will then vote for the final candidate.
  • The president of the CORPS will receive the final count and announce to the membership the next CORPS de Ballet International Inc. award recipient.