Mission Statement

The CORPS de Ballet International, Inc. is a professional non-profit Corporation dedicated to the development, exploration, and advancement of ballet in higher education and to the service and promotion of the art of ballet.


The specific objectives are as follows:

  • To serve and support the community of university and college teachers of ballet
  • To foster excellence in ballet teaching, creation, performance, and research
  • To advocate for diversity, inclusion and access across all aspects of the ballet field including training, education, and scholarship
  • To promote recognition of the contributions that dance, ballet in particular, and the other arts, in general, apply to society
  • To sponsor and initiate activities and research related to these goals
  • To serve as a ballet emphasis resource for graduate students and dance professionals who teach in higher and secondary education

CORPS de Ballet International, Inc. acknowledges the mounting global challenges we face in response to the pandemic, health crises, environmental catastrophes, hunger and social unrest, while also recognizing the deeply rooted seeds of racism, oppression, classism, sexism and intolerance that threaten and impact many communities’ sense of health and security. The atrocities of Mr. George Floyd’s death—and too many other Black and Brown people throughout time and at present—have raised the tenor of alarm throughout our society and well beyond America’s borders. A collective struggle is in process to embody the values of civility, compassion, humility, kindness, and dignity and respect for every human life. CORPS de Ballet International, Inc. continues to be committed to fostering substantive change that urges our growth, so that we may uplift our communities and classrooms. We stand firmly in our assertion that BLACK LIVES MATTER.