Letter from the President



Dear CORPS Members and Friends,

It is with pleasure I announce the 21st Annual CORPS de Ballet International Conference will be held July 9-13, 2019 at the School of Dance at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. This year’s conference theme, Identifying Inclusivity, Equality, Equity and Privilege within Ballet’s Training and Culture, will be held in conjunction with a facilitated Pre-conference seminar on July 7-8 based on this topic. For close to ten years this has been a CORPS conversation and activities are in the planning for stimulating in-depth discussions aimed to cultivate action items identifiable with purposefully advancing the field.

The 2019 conference promises to be distinctive as it is a return to Florida State University (FSU). Twenty-one years ago, through the vision of CORPS founder and retired Professor Richard Sias, CORPS de Ballet International was born. As such we will celebrate the founding members and those who supported CORPS along the way. It also serves as an occasion to embrace ballet’s history through lineage and legacy at an institution where dance and the arts have, and continue to, thrive. This speaks to CORPS’ mission of the value of dance and the arts in secondary and higher education, academies and institutions, and local, national and international studios and communities; each of which underscores our commitment — exuding excellence in ballet.

CORPS’ annual conferences are a significant resource for its members. They offer opportunities to present research through an adjudicated process, show and receive input on one’s creative work, and experience lectures, classes and workshops imparted by recognized and celebrated ballet figures. Along with this are curated and impromptu conversations on ballet’s pedagogy, philosophies, and current practices in the field. Additional member benefits include interacting and communicating with colleagues through the email listserv, available scholarships for members and their students, job notifications, professional announcements, and support and mentoring for institutional rank advancements.

As a founding member of CORPS I can personally attest to the benefits of the organization, investment of its membership, as well as the collegiality and warmth of the members who make up this community. Consider this a personal invitation to join us as a CORPS member and at the 21st annual conference.





Anjali Austin, President
CORPS de Ballet International, Inc.
School of Dance
Florida State University