Membership & Outreach

Oversees membership, outreach, and external relations. Subcommittees include Membership & Recruitment and External Relations. These subcommittees work closely on initiatives so that all efforts are coordinated. The Membership & Recruitment subcommittee maintains membership rosters, oversees recruitment and retention efforts, and creates a yearly newsletter. The External Relations subcommittee supports connections with other dance organizations, oversees the organization’s social media presence, and makes recommendations to the President’s Council on website updates.

Nominations & Elections

Oversees nominations of officers and board members and conducts the elections/voting at annual conferences.

Bylaws & Constitution

Fields inquiries about the CORPS bylaws and constitution, ensures the organization’s adherence to the bylaws and constitution, and prepares board and member approved amendments. Alerts the board of any discrepancies between the bylaws and constitution and maintains the accuracy of the documents.

Support and Mentoring

Aids CORPS members with support towards retention, tenure, promotion, and professional equivalency (when needed) including external evaluations.

Planning & Development

Analyzes current trends in relation to organizational history as they relate to the mission of the organization. Makes recommendations to the board in support of long-range and strategic planning. Designs, coordinates, and implements development efforts.

Archives and History

Documents the organization’s history through the archival of photographs, videos, letters, press releases, agendas, and minutes.  Coordinates the organization and physical or digital archiving of these documents.

President’s Council

Supervises and coordinates all aspects of the organization, committees, and annual conferences. Oversees the nomination, selection, and awarding of all organizational awards and scholarships.