CORPS de Ballet, International
Membership of Standing Committees 2017-2018

Presidents’ Planning Council

Chair: Anjali Austin – President
Members: Shani Robinson – Past-President, Courtney Harris – President Elect 

Oversees and coordinates all aspects of the organization, committees, and annual conferences.

Awards Committee

Chair: Shani Robison
Members: , Anjali Austin, Rose Flachs, Courtney Harris

Oversees the nomination, selection, and awarding of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Service Award. Coordinates all aspects of the Lifetime Achievement Award Banquet.

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Shani Robison
Members: Courtney Harris, Anjali Austin

Coordinates the selection and awarding of the Early Bird Award, Conference Presenter Scholarship, and Basil Thompson Memorial Scholarship.

Strategic and Long Range Planning

Chair: Shani Robison (2018-2020)
Members (Past Presidents): Sharon Garber (2000-2002), Christine Knoblauch-O’Neal (2004-2006), David Curwen (2006-2008), Elizabeth Gillaspy (2008-2010), Paula Weber (2010-2012),  Nola Nolen (2012-2014), Judith Chazin-Bennahum (LAA Recipient and Consultant), Catherine Horta-Hayden (2014-2016)

Analyzes current trends in relation to organizational history as they relate to the mission of the organization.  Makes recommendations to the board in support of long range and strategic planning

Bylaws and Constitution

Chair: Paula Weber
Members: Molly Lynch, Cydney Spohn

Fields inquiries about the CORPS bylaws and constitution, ensures the organization’s adherence to the bylaws and constitution, and prepares board and member approved amendments.
Alerts the board of any discrepancies between the bylaws and constitution and maintains the accuracy of the documents.

Archives and History/Conference Proceedings

Co-Chairs: Jessica Zeller, Molly Faulkner
Members: Rose Flachs, Jamie Johnson, Richard Allan Ploch, Cydney Spohn

Documents the organization’s history through the archival of photographs, videos, letters, press releases, agendas, and minutes.  Coordinates the organization and physical or digital archiving of these documents.

Nominations and Elections

Chair:Molly Lynch
Members: Lisa Fusillo, Cydney Spohn

Oversees nominations of officers and board members and conducts the elections/voting at annual conferences.

Membership (and Recruitment)

Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Turner and Yvonne Racz-Key
Members: ,Jay Kim, Boyko Dossev, Elizabeth Johnson, Christa St. John, Pedro Szalay

Recruits and retains members; manages membership and retention lists, reaches out to new members and connects them to existing members, creates a yearly newsletter.

Support and Mentoring

Chair: Karen Dearborn
Members: Lisa Fusillo, Tauna Hunter,Joan Buttram, Rita Snyder, Delia Neil
Aids CORPS members with support towards retention, tenure, promotion, and professional equivalency (when needed) including external evaluations.

External Relations and Outreach

Chair: Teresa Cooper
Members: Patricia Cohen, General Hambrick, Thomas Vicanti, Jeffrey Rockland

Creates links and deepens connections with other dance organizations.

Website and Technology

Co-Chairs: David Curwen, Charles Flachs

Assesses and responds to CORPS technology needs; updates website and social media pages.