The Benefits of Membership

CORPS Annual Conferences

  • International experts across the ballet field, hosted by world leaders in ballet training
  • Opportunity to physically engage in art, theory and research
  • Member presentations, panels and workshops
  • Choreographic video showings
  • Excellent collegial relations
  • Membership discount
  • Printed abstracts and presentations from conference
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Outstanding Service Award

CORPS List-serv

List-serv Guidelines and Protocols

CORPS List-serv: The list-serv is a service offered by CORPS to its members in order to contact other CORPS members and share information related to CORPS mission.

The appropriate services which might require the use of the list-serv by Members are:

  • Looking for advice or counsel on a particular dance issue
  • Looking for help finding costumes, music, guest teachers, or other departmental or professional needs.

Inappropriate uses of the CORPS list-serv include:

  • Personal correspondences between members
  • Allowing a non-CORPS member to post on the list serve for any reason
  • Posting concert dates or any other self-promotion information
  • Posting any non-related CORPS information in any form

Responses to the list-serv messages should be made directly to the person who sent the message.  If a member wants to reply to all and have a discussion with members, they should do it through the CORPS de Ballet International Facebook page.

Scholarship Series

Finally, perhaps the greatest benefit of membership in CORPS de Ballet International is the opportunity to be part of a group of distinguished professionals who are dedicated to supporting ballet in higher education while fostering excellence in pedagogy, research, choreography and performance.  En Avant!