Outstanding Service Award

This award was created by the Board to honor a member of CORPS outside the Board who exemplifies the ideals of service and commitment to the organization above and beyond the call of normal membership.  Nominations will come from the membership and the Board of Directors will carry out final selection.


Nominee must be:

  • A current member of CORPS de Ballet International (Not on the Board of Directors)
  • An active member and participant for a minimum of three years
  • Nominated from the membership in recognition of extraordinary work on behalf of the organization

2015-2016: Paula Weber, University of Missouri-Kansas City

2014-2015: Rose Marie Flachs, Mount Holyoke College – Cydney Spohn, University of Akron

2012-2013: Joan Buttram, University of Georgia Athens

2011-2012: Rose Marie Flachs, Mount Holyoke College

2010-2011: David Curwen, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

2009-2010: Charles Flachs, Mount Holyoke College

2008-2009: Christine Knoblauch-O’Neal, Washington University

2007-2008: Sandra Allen, Brigham Young University

2006-2007: Sharon Oberst, Western Oregon University

2005-2006: Claire Wootten, York University

2004-2005: Sharon Garber, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

2003-2004: Rose Marie Flachs, Mount Holyoke College

2002-2003: Tauna Hunter, Mercyhurst College

2001-2002: Charles Flachs, Mount Holyoke College