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Christine Knoblauch-O'Neal
Washington University

I am a private studio owner, a dance teacher in a Kindergarten to 8th-grade charter school, and an associate member of CORPS de Ballet International. I love this organization and I am proud to be associated with its talented, dedicated, and welcoming members. Even though I do not teach at a university level, I have always come away from the conferences with ideas and concepts that are applicable to even my youngest students. I have been inspired by the opportunity to observe the teaching of ballet’s best professionals, enriched from scholarly presentations, and enabled to better prepare my high school students for their college dance experience. I highly recommend Corps de Ballet International to all ballet educators.

Gladysue Hovis
Live Oak Dance Center, Aristoi Classical Academy

What a pleasure it was to have CORPS de Ballet in our studios. We were impressed by the dedication and expertise of the members, the high level of the discussions, and by the imaginative and thorough planning in evidence throughout the conference. The CORPS is an organization of dedicated professionals, all of whom are making worthy contributions to both higher education and the art of dance.

Francia Russell
Pacific Northwest Ballet